Sunshine Logistics Cambodia provides warehousing services including storage and distribution according to customer requirements. With a team of professionals and experienced in customs clearance, Sunshine Logistics Cambodia is always the ideal partner to domestic and international businesses for Import/Export procedure consulting services and customs agents.

· To ensure the accurate preparation or documentation for Customs Declaration and Customs Clearance for customers in both online system (ASYCUDA) and manual offline procedures to avoid any possible delay.

· To analyze and investigate any mistakes that have happened and to resolve the issues in a timely manner by liaising with Customs Officers in All of Gates of KHKOS (Sihanoukville), PPAP, Border, PPSEZ or in the General Department of Customs and Excise of Cambodia, or any other necessary networks.

· To maintain and ensure a thorough knowledge of the updating and changing Customs procedures, practices, and ASYCUDA system as well as related systems, and to share the knowledge and experience with the team.

· To ensure the compliance with the laws, regulations, policies, to avoid unnecessary spending, and to maintain customers’ trust and satisfaction.

· To develop and maintain good relationship with team members, government officers especially Customs Officers, and customers, as well as other related parties.